Strengthening climate resilience of Indian industries

Climatic hazards such as cyclones, droughts, heavy rains and heat waves are already challenging India's industrial development. With climate change advancing and its consequences mostly ignored in industrial planning and practice, Indian industry could face further increases in losses and damage.

As part of the Indo-German Development Corporation, adelphi and Integration have carried out rapid assessments on climate change adaptation in small and medium-sized industries in Andhra Pradesh, India, on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The assessments were based on the "Climate Expert" approach, an analytical method that helps companies to identify climate risks and opportunities and assess adaptation measures. During the interviews in local industries and visits to the premises, adelphi and a team of local experts identified possible adaptation measures. The product of the assessments were company-specific adaptation plans that describe in greater detail the respective measures and give recommendations for implementation.

Furthermore, adelphi trained Indian consultants in the "Climate Expert" approach for further assessments in industries. The training was implemented as a remote training and existing training materials was conceptually revised and adjusted to this context.

The study is part of the project "Strengthening resilience of India's private sector: climate change adaptation in industrial areas", which was implemented for GIZ by a consortium consisting of Integration, Ifanos and adelphi.