Support for the implementation of the IDFC Climate Facility

The International Development Finance Club (IDFC), a group of 26 national and regional development banks from all over the world, is committed to finance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

The IDFC Climate Facility (CF) is supporting IDFC members in doing more and better climate finance and getting aligned with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, particularly by enhancing knowledge exchange between members and capacity development on climate-related topics, as well as ease access to project preparation and financing. The knowledge sharing activities of the Climate Facility include peer-exchange formats, a mentoring programme, an online library and networking events and fora. The capacity building is rooted based on the IDFC Toolbox which contains strategic tools for the implementation of trainings and practical tools (online tools) to support members with topics such as GHG accounting, adaptation finance and climate risk assessment amongst others. Beyond knowledge sharing and capacity building, members are supported to access international climate finance and seize joint business opportunities for example through support for GCF accreditation. For the pilot phase of four years, the Facility is hosted by the French development agency AFD.

To successfully implement the variety of the Climate Facility's activities, the Coordination Unit draws on the support of adelphi. adelphi is supporting the administrative, financial and technical management of the Facility, with the Coordination Unit and conceptualises, organises and implements activites including knowledge sharing formats, trainings, tool development amongst others to support the member banks of the IDFC.

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