Supporting energy efficiency investments at an early stage

Green Finance

The EU has set ambitious climate policy goals for 2030 and 2050. The amount of investment required to achieve these goals is estimated at approximately 177 billion euros per year. Current investments, however, are far below that amount, which makes the mobilisation of the financial market and in particular the upscaling of energy efficiency finance, a key priority for achieving these goals. However, many players in the financial market face insufficient capacity, specific risks in the area of energy efficiency, and high transaction costs for these financing projects. This often makes entry into this field unattractive, endangering the European climate targets.

Triple-A is an EU-funded research project under the "Horizon 2020" program. The project aims to promote investment in energy efficiency by making projects of this kind more transparent, predictable and attractive for the financial market. By way of a standardised process, the project intends to enable potential investors to identify suitable "Triple-A" projects and finance them accordingly. To increase the success of this project and achieve concrete results, the project team will observe and analyse energy efficiency investments in eight countries. The team will also discuss the methodology and the results of this study, as well as tools it developed, with relevant actors from the financial and energy efficiency markets in order to assess their validity and relevance.

adelphi’s main role in this project is to identify and engage relevant actors. To this end, the project team will not only conduct a comprehensive survey, but also develop and conduct training courses on capacity building in the area of energy efficiency financing. adelphi has many years of experience in this area and can ensure the quality and relevance of the corresponding activities.