Supporting the European EMAS Helpdesk 2017

Techniker prüft Energiemanagement für EMAS

The EMAS Helpdesk has been set up to answer complex questions about the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and to promote public awareness of it, and its dissemination. Since 2014, the EMAS Helpdesk has been operated by adelphi in cooperation with Arctik and 21 Solutions on behalf of the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment.

The Helpdesk is accessible to all interested companies, public authorities, environmental groups, researchers, trade unions and the general public within and outside the EU and the European Economic Area. In addition, the Helpdesk collects and lists information on all participating EMAS-registered organisations and all accredited environmental auditors.

Since 2001, the EMAS Helpdesk has been supporting the EU Commission in promoting logistical and promotional campaigns. This includes, among other things, the organisation of events, the maintenance of the EMAS website, and the production of advertising materials. In addition, the Helpdesk conducts research on EMAS-related topics and policy measures and publishes articles on the implementation of EMAS.

In 2017, adelphi supported EMAS-registered and other organisations in getting informed on and implementing measures relating to the circular economy, including creating pilot tools for assisting in EMAS implementation. In addition, adelphi organised the EMAS Awards 2017, held under the motto "For a strong European circular economy." The EU Commission honoured organisations for particular achievements in resource-saving and efficiency gains. In a follow-up report, adelphi used best practice examples to show businesses how they can operate in more circular economy-oriented ways, and how EMAS can help them achieve these goals. adelphi also assisted in the organisation of the high-level conference on sustainable tourism on behalf of the European Commission and advised organisations and stakeholders on changes to the EMAS Regulation.

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