Supporting GIZ’s transboundary water project in the Nile basin

The Nile Delta, Egypt

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is an inter-governmental organisation dedicated to equitable and sustainable management and the development of the shared water resources of the Nile basin. Since its establishment in 1999 by ministers responsible for water affairs in each of the nine member countries, the institution has been closely cooperating with the international donor community.

In the current phase of the institutional development process Germany focuses in its support to NBI on strategic advisory services, organisational development and harmonisation of policies. Here, adelphi is providing support in the field of harmonisation of national policies and the development of basin wide strategies and guidelines. Thematic areas are climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity and wetland management, transboundary water resources management and related trainings. Backdrop for these policy documents is the Nile Basin Sustainability Framework (NBSF), which has been agreed and endorsed by the Ministers in 2011.

The project will foster the role of NBI and strengthen its coordination function on water resources management in the Nile basin.