Supporting the Indian private sector to adapt to climate change

Flowchart on a chalk board with world globe showing America

This project aimed to support the BMZ-funded Strengthening Climate Change Innovations in the Indian Private Sector GIZ project by raising awareness and building up capacity among Indian enterprises, particularly MSMEs and their associations, on climate change impacts. The development of an e-learning tool for assessing climate change risks was at the heart of the project. The content of the e-learning tool served as a basis for training targeted at enterprises and business membership organisations.

Furthermore, adelphi conducted a study on climate change risks in selected sectors and industry clusters in India. This included the assessment of climate change impacts on competitiveness as well as the assessment of potential business opportunities. Activities were addressed at businesses, especially MSMEs, and their associations and also at political stakeholders, whose capacity to incentivise innovation through appropriate policy measures was also strengthened.

Publications of this project