Sustainable Investment Market Status Report 2007 - Climate Special

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The issue of making sustainable investments in companies that are aware of their social and environmental responsibilities is becoming more and more important. In 2006, adelphi carried out the first study of the sustainable investment market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V. Two further studies were published in the two following years, highlighting developments and trends. The aim of the studies was to collect general data, such as the volumes of sustainable public funds, mandates and certificates.

The result of the 2007 study revealed, among other findings, that the overall market in sustainable investments had grown by 45 per cent on the previous year. This represented a much faster rate of growth than the conventional financial market. In absolute terms, combined sustainable investments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland totalled 19.7 billion Euros by December 2006.

The 2007 status report also incorporated a special feature covering investment products focused on climate change and climate protection. Among other findings, the study showed that this market saw a capital influx of almost a billion Euros in just one year.