SWITCH to GREEN and Water Facilities

Fischer auf schmutzigem Wasser

For a “green” society, natural resources like water are crucial. The supply of clean water for daily needs such as drinking and cooking as well as wastewater disposal are vital for maintaining healthy living conditions. At the same time, wastewater treatment and the efficient use of water resources are an essential part of any closed-loop recycling economy.

The EU Directorate-General for International Partnership (DINTPA) has commissioned adelphi to support the relevant actors in the transition to a green and resource-efficient economy, thus contributing to a sustainable and effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). adelphi will provide technical support and the best possible mix of expertise and knowledge of international best practices for the operation of two support offices, which will work on behalf of and in close cooperation with the EU. The project consists of two components, the SWITCH to Green Facility and the Water Facility:

SWITCH to GREEN Facility

By improving the identification and formulation of new actions, this facility will contribute to the transition to a green economy in the partner countries. To this end, adelphi focuses on intensified dialogue, coordination and exchange of experience with cooperation in the field of green economy between the EU and development partners. Sustainable transformation is achieved by creating knowledge and communication on green economic issues.

Water Facility

The project partners identify and formulate new actions to establish integrated water resources management (IWRM) and public access to water and sanitation in the partner countries. This will be achieved through increased dialogue, coordination and exchange of experience in IWRM and cooperation in the field of water supply and sanitation between the EU and the partner countries. Knowledge creation, policy development and communication on water supply and sanitation issues link the goals of SDG6 with other SDGs.

adelphi aims to provide a range of tools and services that can effectively support all stakeholders in improving international cooperation and EU development actions in the water and green/circular economy sectors, specifically their overall coherence, coordination, efficiency, impact and visibility. The target groups of this support, in addition to the EU Directorate-General INTPA's Unit F2, are other INTPA units, other Directorates-General, EU delegations, and stakeholders of EU-funded activities in these areas.

To implement this project, adelphi provides a number of experts who will work permanently and intermittently in Brussels to advise the EU and its responsible bodies on issues of international environmental, climate and water policy. The SWITCH to GREEN and Water Facilities (S2GW) is a cooperation project with COWI and Living Prospect under the direction of adelphi and in close collaboration with sequa.