Technology Transfer through Public Private Collaboration

SEED Symposium 2016 - UN women sponsored

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) was established by COP 16 to facilitate the transfer of technologies through providing technical assistance. CTCN is hosted by the UN Environment (formerly UNEP).

Transforming towards a low carbon and climate resilient society is the key of the success of the Paris Agreement. The path towards this low carbon and climate resilient society is one that requires both public and private actors to step forward. Thus the programme’s regional fora bring together experts from academia, the private sector, and public and research institutions with the aim of creating access to information and knowledge on climate technologies and fostering collaboration among climate technology stakeholders.

The Regional Forum for Africa (September 27-29, 2016) was organised back to back with the SEED Africa Symposium to create promising synergies and networks between participants of both events. SEED was hosted by adelphi.

The Regional Forum for Africa brought together more than 40 participants from across the African continent to discuss the outcomes of COP 16 in relation to technology transfer and technology mechanisms. Furthermore the event focused on regional priorities related to climate technologies in line with NDCs and other national planning documents.

The SEED Africa Symposium brought together around 450 enterprises, researchers, practitioners, investors, policy makers and representatives of the civil society including the participants of the CTCN Regional Forum for Africa.

Participants of the CTCN Regional Forum for Africa had the opportunity to participate in parts of the Symposium. A highlight was the joint session of CTCN and SEED “Technology Transfer through Public Private Collaboration”. The workshop outlined the results of the ongoing work within the region. Through small working groups participants of the session explored the type of technical assistances that need to be furthermore addressed by CTCN. 

The adelphi team supported the conceptualisation and implementation of the session jointly with UNEP CTCN. Furthermore adelphi conducted the event management of the overall CTCN Regional Forum for Africa including travel arrangements for its participants. Adelphi incorporated the Regional Forum as well as the joint session into the overarching communication of the SEED Africa Symposium.

Further details on the SEED Africa Symposium 2016 are available online.