Toolkit on Climate Finance for Sector Experts (CliFiT4SE)

The focus of the international debate on climate change has moved increasingly towards the implementation of Nationally Designated Contributions (NDCs) ever since the agreement was reached in Paris in 2015. Since NDC implementation will mainly be the task of sector experts, it is important to familiarise this target group with the requirements and instruments of international climate finance. In the past, sectoral experts from line ministries or the private sector had little to do with international climate finance architecture and they often lack targeted information on funding options for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The new "Climate Finance Training for Sector Experts - CliFit4SE", which adelphi has developed on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, aims to close this knowledge gap by supporting sector experts from public authorities, civil society organisations and private sector companies with exploring climate finance opportunities. CliFit4SE also aims to better connect the actors responsible for the development and implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects with the relevant climate finance institutions. Closer and earlier cooperation between project developers and financiers is urgently needed, as proposed climate policy projects are often not eligible for financing for a variety of reasons.

CliFiT4SE is a dynamic, interactive training toolkit that helps sector experts see their sector through a tailored approach. Project developers should be enabled to better assess the relevance of sectoral projects for climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change – and thus be better able to evaluate their chances of funding. In addition, the training will contribute to improving communication between stakeholders involved in climate finance. Specific learning objectives of the training include: 1) providing key criteria for access to climate finance; 2) enabling sector experts to take the first steps towards the development of a climate finance project; and 3) introducing the participants to the logic and funding instruments of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

In the process of finalising the toolkit, adelphi conducted a CliFiT4SE workshop for water sector experts in Amman, Jordan. The final toolkit was presented to experienced climate finance experts at a training course for trainers in November 2017 in Bonn, who will then disseminate their knowledge and work to others.