Touring exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation" in Rhineland-Palatinate

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The traveling exhibition "Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation" and accompanying events contributes to increasing awareness concerning dwindling resources, how they are used and their impact on stability and security. The National Center for Environmental Education in Rhineland-Palatinate co-financed it, which institutions can rent free of charge in this state. The exhibition is shown at least in four locations annually, travelling primarily to educational institutions, schools and universities, who usually include it within a conference or workshop on this topic.

During the exhibits, the authors are present to answer any questions or discuss the topic with the viewers. In addition, a brochure is available with the exhibition’s summary and provides further information on the topic. Since the beginning of the project, displays and related events have contributed to raise awareness on resource scarcity, its usage and impact on stability and security. The importance of climate change raises awareness of limited resources and its effects, which increasingly dominate public debates. Therefore, the exhibition will cover other related topics and will be regularly updated.

Exhibitions on such complex issues reach considerably more people rather than through the usual means of promotion, like articles or leaflets. Thus, they have developed as a central component for adelphi’s communication strategies and campaigns.

The Exhibition has been running for almost ten years, mainly as part of the Climate Diplomacy Initiative in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office. All content and logistical details are available online in English and Spanish. An overview of the latest updates of the content can be found here.