Transatlantic climate bridge and German foreign policy

Green glass globe sitting in desert

Climate and energy security agendas are increasingly converging. They are important elements of a transatlantic agenda and a priority for German foreign policy to broaden the transatlantic dialogue on climate and energy. The "Transatlantic Climate Bridge" (TCB) was an initiative to facilitate this dialogue. adelphi supported the Foreign Office to conceptualise and implement this initiative in 2007 and 2008.

Emission trading, promoting renewable energies, establishing a green economy and the security implications of climate change were the main topics addressed that advanced key transatlantic dialogue approaches. The topics were discussed through dialogue formats such as conferences, joint policy initiatives, exchange programmes and visitor programmes. The overall scope of the initiative not only included the policymakers in Washington and Berlin, but also stakeholders from cities, states and provinces, to companies and scientists. Based on a strong transatlantic partnership, the TCB’s brought forward global solutions for the converging challenge of climate change and energy security.

Publications of this project

  • Climate and Energy Security – Prospects for a Transatlantic Approach

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