Typology and world map of environmental conflicts

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Despite the intense debate on the role of environment and natural resources as sources or triggers of conflicts, a definition of environmentally induced conflicts and a typology of such conflicts is currently missing. The German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) will therefore scrutinise interlinkages between climate change and security in its 2007 flagship report. Emphasis is given to destablisation processes of societies and violent conflict within and between states. Questions addressed include: Will climate change trigger societal crises, thus potentially creating violent conflict? Which regions and types of societies are particularly susceptible to environmentally induced conflicts? The WGBU report provides the first comprehensive study on the interlinkages between climate change, conflict and security. It illustrates global trends and potential medium and long-term trends and provides a set of policy measures towards prevention and adaptation.

adelphi was contracted by the WBG to fill these gaps and provide a world map of environmental conflicts for the years 1980-2005, define the term "environmental conflict" and develop a typology of environmental conflicts.

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