Visualising the new 'Disasters and Conflict' programme of UNEP

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The 'Environmental Diplomacy for Peacebuilding' project challenged adelphi to design and produce an exhibition module on the United Nations Environmental Programme’s (UNEP) specific contribution to disaster relief and peacebuilding. The project added to the 'Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation' exhibition, which was shown at the October 2008 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona and at the February 2009 UNEP Governing Council in Nairobi.

Working closely with UNEP’s Disasters and Conflicts Programme, adelphi conceived the exhibition module around the four major phases of their work: assessment, disaster risk reduction, recovery, and environmental cooperation for peacebuilding. Countries world wide serve as examples: Lebanon and Sudan illustrate extensive environmental and post-conflict assessment work; images from the Maldives illustrate disaster risk reduction methods; Afghanistan serves as an example of long term recovery efforts; and peacebuilding trends in Iran and Afghanistan are highlighted.

Feedback to the UNEP exhibition module has been very positive – a clear indication that a visual representation is essential for sharing the important work carried out in the Disasters and Conflicts Programme.