Water and sanitation study trip for experts

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The Indian government has an ambitious goal of extending access to better sanitation to at least half of the urban population by 2015, rising to 100% by 2025. The National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP) was formulated for this reason, taking as its objective the transformation of urban India into community-driven, well sanitised, healthy and liveable cities and towns.

Senior administrators from different ministries at the national, state and city levels of Indian Government and with an involvement in the National Urban Sanitation Policy went on a two week technical learning visit to Germany as part of the GIZ’s Support to National Urban Sanitation Policy (SNUSP) project.

adelphi and its governmental and non-governmental partners were responsible for ensuring participants gained exposure to successful sustainable urban sanitation solutions in Hamburg and Berlin, with the objectives of strengthening participants’ capacities to support the planning and transformation processes in urban sanitation management in a financially sustainable manner, also providing participants with an insight into just what environmentally-orientated city planning – including environmentally friendly infrastructure – might look like.