Working together for climate protection: DEHOGA and BGA energy efficiency campaigns

Energy saving and simple light bulbs.Blue background

Energy efficiency is the answer to climate change and rising energy prices – and a key competitive advantage. The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) and the Federal Association of Wholesale, Foreign Trade, Services e.V. (BGA) recognise this and have launched industry-specific energy efficiency campaigns with their state and federal associations. The focus of the campaigns: sharing knowledge, creating benefits and contributing to climate protection – all in the context of energy efficiency.

The campaigns are receiving support from the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The overarching goal of the project is the transfer of know-how between DEHOGA, which has been designing and implementing an industry-specific energy campaign for several years, and BGA, which wants to create and establish a new energy campaign for wholesale and foreign trade. Both associations have different priorities, given their distinct experiences with energy campaigns.

DEHOGA can build on and further expand its existing program. At this point, there are plans for the following work packages:

  • Revising and updating established formats (e.g. practical guidelines, on-site options, networking events),
  • Expanding the DEHOGA Environmental Check,
  • Establishing new formats (e.g. publication of success stories).

The first steps for BGA include:

  • Establishing a network,
  • Setting up a new website and information package (guides, checklists, tips, online tools, etc.),
  • Developing a campaign identity and publicise the campaign.

adelphi is helping both associations with the content and organisation of their work. The energy efficiency campaigns are initially designed to run for three years and will receive public funding as part of the Federal Environment Ministry's climate protection campaign.