Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Kalifornien

Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Kalifornien - adelphi RAP
Persem, Mélanie; Kerstin Bacher und Andreas Jahn 2017: Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Kalifornien. Berlin: adelphi.

Translated title: Overview of energy policy and energy economy in California

California is perceived as a forerunner regarding climate and energy policy, both within the USA and worldwide. It has implemented a number of ambitious policies covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and transport, being a role model also for other states. However, it faces certain challenges on its energy markets, such as high electricity prices and outdated energy infrastructure, resulting in massive disturbances of the electricity systems. Hence, security of supply is one of the central objectives of energy policy in California.

This report gives an overview on both California’s energy economy and energy policy. The first part gives an overview of the foundations of California's energy economy. The second part examines the drivers of its energy policy and current political debates. The third part introduces the federal institutions and their competencies. Finally, the fourth part presents important topics connected to the transition of California’s energy system.

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