Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Texas

Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Texas - adelphi RAP
Persem, Mélanie, Maren Schöttler und Andreas Jahn 2018: Übersicht über die Energiepolitik und -wirtschaft in Texas. Berlin: adelphi.

Translated title: Overview of energy policy and energy economy in Texas

Regarding energy policy and economy, Texas is outstanding among the US states: It is the largest producer and consumer of electricity, natural gas, and (crude) oil in the US. In the field of ​​renewable energies, a strong increase in solar and wind energy capacities can be observed, even with state subsidies having been cut back considerably.

Environmental risks also play a major role. Texas was one of the states hit hardest by hurricane Harvey and, according to experts, will continue to be hit hard by climate change in the US. The increased occurrence of earthquakes is also being discussed in relation to fracking technologies in Texan oil fields.

In this background study, the authors give an overview of historical and current developments in the Texan energy policy and energy economy. The first chapter adresses the energy economy in Texas. Subsequently, goals, drivers and debates of Texan energy policy and state institutions are presented. Finally, selected topics such as the power system, renewable energy in Texas or the transport sector are presented in detail.

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