Arbeitshilfen Nachhaltige Lieferkette

Arbeitshilfen Lieferketten
Daniel Weiss, Rainer Agster, Albert Baur, Jan-Marten Krebs und Kai Kellner 2017: Arbeitshilfen Nachhaltige Lieferkette. München: Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt.

Translated title: Toolkit for Sustainable Supply Chains. Berlin: Bavarian State Office for the Environment 

Sustainable supply chain management has to do with a holistic and systemic view of all stages of the supply chain - from direct suppliers in the region to raw material extraction in Asia or Africa. Sustainable supply chain management allows for negative environmental impacts and human rights violations to be averted and contributes to sustainable development. This is often not easy: an overview of the entire value chain up to the extraction of raw materials is a challenge for companies. This applies even more to the question of where significant sustainability issues and fields of action are present and how companies can persuade suppliers to become more sustainable in their production processes. 

Regarding these specific questions, you will receive with the toolkit on sustainable supply chains an introduction to the topic of sustainable supply chain management. You will learn how suppliers can clearly communicate their expectations through a code of conduct, and how the integration of sustainability criteria into the existing supplier evaluation system eases the evaluation of suppliers. With the "Taking Action - Recommendations for the Design and Optimization of a Sustainable Supply Chain" toolkit, you will also receive practical solutions for sustainable supply chain management.

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