Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation – Continental report

Cover Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation
Smith, A; K. Rademaekers, J. Ahlers, U. Chewpreecha, T. A. B. Smit, J. Koehler, S. van Hummelen, I. Artola, M. McGovern and M. Hemkhaus 2021: Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation. Continental report. Brussels: European Commission.

Africa and Europe have a long-shared history and the interdependence of the two continents is reflected in the vast trade relations between them. Existing challenges relating to climate change, the energy transition and the efforts needed to move human activities back within the planetary boundaries while at the same time improving the livelihoods of a large group of people, makes an intricate and close cooperation between Africa and the EU even more important. With its publication of the European Green Deal, including a new Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU reinforced its ambition to transform its economy from the existing linear “make-use-dispose” model into a circular one. The Green Deal also emphasises the importance of international cooperation, especially with neighbouring regions such as Africa, in order to reach the EU’s and global sustainability objectives. This report is a first step to identify how cooperation between the two continents can be fostered and adapted to accelerate the uptake of circular practices and promote the shift to a circular economy.

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