Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation – Country report Morocco

Cover Circular Economy Country report Morocco
McGovern, M.; J. Koehler, P. Desmond, S. Bougarrani, S. van Hummelen, M. Hemkhaus, M. Diaco, M. Alami Merrouni and J. Ahlers 2021: Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation. Country report Morocco. Brussels: European Commission.

Morocco has committed at the highest level in putting in place policies and taking regulatory measures in favour of the environment and to fight climate change, which also take into account principles of the circular economy. However, the circular economy in Morocco as a concept is fairly new. It is predominantly focusing on the economy of waste (waste management and recovery) in accordance with the waste hierarchy. Both the public and private sectors are putting a considerable amount of effort and resources into the end-of-life stage.

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