Collaboration for Impact – Building the Ecosystem for Replication Support Services. SEED White Paper Series (1)

Collaboration for Impact- Building the Ecosystem for Replication Support Services (SEED White Paper #1)
Zürker, Mirko; Christine Meyer, Lina Frank and Jan Dumkow 2016: Collaboration for Impact. Building the Ecosystem for Replication Support Services. SEED White Paper Series (1). Berlin: SEED.

Replication of business models that have proven efficient in delivering eco-inclusive market-based solutions to low-income communities is key to significantly scale impact at a global scale. But the replication process demands for a tailored and targeted support mechanism at every stage. Indeed, the originator of the proven model needs support to effectively disseminate best practices and processes to adopters in other cities, regions or countries. The potential adopters, in turn, need extensive support to adapt the blueprint of the existing model to their local context.

In this first publication within SEED's new White Paper Series, we outline how diverse organisations can collaborate to build an enabling and strong support ecosystem. There is a need for a constant dialogue between support providers towards a shared understanding of a collaborative integrative support approach. Exploiting synergy potential and enabling collaborative action will bridge the gap between existing support services. This will push the eco-inclusive business sector to unlock its full potential and accelerate the speed and intensity of replication.

In this White Paper, we discuss the following topics:

  1. Our open approach of business model replication
  2. The support needs enterprises face around replication
  3. The landscape of actors enabling replication
  4. The service areas to support replication
  5. A mapping of selected support organisations from the ecosystem
  6. A roadmap for collective action