Der Carbon Footprint von Kapitalanlagen – Ermittlung der Treibhausgasintensität der Kapitalanlage privater Haushalte

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Wendler, Daniel; Walter Kahlenborn und Hauke Dierks 2010: Der Carbon Footprint von Kapitalanlagen. Ermittlung der Treibhausgasintensität der Kapitalanlage privater Haushalte. Berlin: adelphi.

The study “The Carbon Footprint of Capital Investments” shows that private capital investments interrelate substantially with greenhouse gas emissions. The right use of resources can significantly promote climate protection. Five tons of greenhouse gas emissions are currently co-financed per 10.000 euros invested in conventional investments. Climate friendly capital investments reduce the emissions by 42 per cent on average. Within specific product categories a reduction of 35% to 87% is possible. There is however further optimisation potential for climate friendly and conventional investment products with respect to green house gas intensity.