Enhancing the quality of life in Polish cities with energy and resource efficient revitalization

Wis-Bielewicz, Joanna; Małgorzata Koziarek, Julia Olesińska, Dominik Owczarek, Lisa Schneider and Camille Serre 2018: Enhancing the quality of life in Polish cities with energy and resource efficient revitalization. Berlin: adelphi.

Unsustainable development has taken its toll on Polish cities, bringing about a number of negative effects, such as congestion, low-stack pollution and urban sprawl. Considering the overall well-being of urban dwellers and their good health, the environmental footprint of cities needs to be mitigated with new investments and redevelopments that are resource and energy-efficient.

In this discussion paper, adelphi and the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) examine the added value of resource-efficient revitalization with the aim of placing the topic into the heart of the debate in Poland and reshaping Polish cities into attractive, healthy and economically vital communities. By presenting global, European and national data, the paper highlights the negative consequences of inefficient urban development patterns with respect to land use, mobility and built substance. It also outlines tools and measures supporting resource and energy efficiency in urban planning and management and summarizes health and economic benefits awaiting neighbourhoods, districts and cities in relation to energy-efficient revitalization. Last but not least, the discussion paper presents best practice examples for policy frameworks and concrete revitalization measures.

Link to Polish version.