Europäische Vernetzung – ein Treiber für die Entwicklung vor Ort – Ideen und Ansätze für Kommunen, wie europäische Vernetzung gelingen kann

Cover "Europäische Vernetzung – ein Treiber für die Entwicklung vor Ort"
Schütt, Saskia; Lia Weitz, Julika Davideit und Birgit Georgi (ed.) 2019: Europäische Vernetzung – ein Treiber für die Entwicklung vor Ort. Ideen und Ansätze für Kommunen, wie europäische Vernetzung gelingen kann. Berlin: BMI.

This publication is part of the series “MORO-Praxis” from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI). The brochure presents practical examples and research on the networking of German municipalities and regions with European partners in the area of urban and regional development.

Europa vor Ort or “local Europe” means more than just the free movement of people and goods across national borders or cooperation between member states and major cities. Rather, it means – and requires – diverse interdependencies at all levels between the individual countries. Such a diverse European network has positive effects on the spatial development of regions and cities, and is a motor for European integration. Valuable cooperation and partnerships between European regions and cities, including smaller municipalities, are built through common needs and interests.

There are numerous success stories for inter-communal and international cooperation – large cities and border regions are already experiencing positive attention for their initiatives. Smaller cities, counties and regions in Germany and Europe also benefit from synergies and exchange with European partners. A diverse European network at all levels has a positive impact on the development of regions and cities and drives European integration forward.

This brochure is primarily aimed at local decision-makers and representatives who want to build up European cooperation in their municipalities, as well as other stakeholders who want to expand and intensify their networking activities in a strategic framework. The booklet is also intended for federal, state and other institutions (e.g. regional European offices) that support municipalities and regions in European cooperation through funding or advisory services.

This collection of practical insight aims to increase the motivation of employees at local and regional authorities when it comes to European networking, demonstrate the advantages and possible ways to get there, and provide insight into practice as well as tools. In addition, it offers institutions that promote European networking an overview of the current state of networking and what municipalities need in terms of support.