The Exhibition - Environment, Conflict and Cooperation

Titelbild "The Exhibition - Environment, Conflict and Cooperation"
Carius, Alexander; Dennis Tänzler, Irina Comardicea, Laura Griestop and Stephan Wolters 2013: The Exhibition - Environment, Conflict and Cooperation. Berlin: adelphi.

As part of the climate diplomacy initiative, an exhibition visualizes the dramatic and growing impact of global environmental change. Developed as a touring exhibition, it is available in English, German, Chinese, and Portuguese, and has been displayed in cities around the world. The booklet now published pictures the topics and regions covered in the exhibition, using captivating images from the exhibition itself wherever possible. It also provides insights into the story behind the exhibition, including the network of partners supporting its development and implementation. Moreover, the booklet contains practical information for all those interested in showcasing the exhibition.