Fördermöglichkeiten und Privilegierungen für EMAS-Organisationen

Lodigiani, Mario und Frank Kermann 2017: Fördermöglichkeiten und Privilegierungen für EMAS-Organisationen. Berlin: UGA-Geschäftsstelle.

The European environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a core instrument for sustainable business. Its strengths are especially the ongoing improvement of environmental performance, external communication, legal security and employee involvement. Being validated by governmentally-approved, independent environmental verifiers adds to the credibility of EMAS.

The German government wants to support organisations and companies that are verifiably considering ecological aspects in their business strategy. EMAS-validated organisations and companies can benefit from several legal and financial instruments, varying between states. In special cases public institutions can benefit from this kind of aid as well.

This brochure (available only in German) aims to inform anyone who is interested about the various benefits offered by the federal and state governments.