Food & Trees for Africa – Transforming South Africa into a green and food secure country. SEED Case Study

SEED Case Study Food and Trees for Africa
Heuër, Amélie; Rainer Agster, Christine Meyer and Jona Liebl 2016: Food & Trees for Africa. Transforming South Africa into a green and food secure country. SEED Case Study. Berlin: SEED.

To provide a more in-depth understanding of how eco-enterprises work, how they can help achieve sustainable development on the ground and how enabling frameworks can be created to help them scale up, SEED offers a range of detailed case studies that have emerged from various SEED Research projects. The 2016 case study series by SEED sheds a light on the versatile impacts of locally-driven eco-enterprises. The individual case studies are enhanced with short multimedia features that showcase the innovation, the partnership and the social and environmental impact of each enterprise. 

This case study highlights "Food & Trees for Africa" from South Africa, a social enterprise addressing sustainable development through greening, climate change and food security programs. Started in 1990, FTFA has distributed over 3.8 million trees, facilitated the creation of over 2.500 organic food gardens for the poorest in South Africa and launched the first carbon calculator and the Carbon Protocol of South Africa, a non-profit collaboration of concerned and interested parties in South Africa that sets consistent and transparent standards to calculate, verify and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions into a single registry.