Grid-Connected Energy Storage in California  – Analysis of the Framework Conditions for Grid-Connected Energy Storage in California (in German only)

Bild_Studie_Netzgekoppelte Speicher in Kalifornien
Kerres, Pia und Raffaele Piria 2019: Grid-Connected Energy Storage in California . Analysis of the Framework Conditions for Grid-Connected Energy Storage in California (in German only). Berlin: adelphi.

Original title: Netzgekoppelte Speicher in Kalifornien - Analyse der Rahmenbedingungen für netzgekoppelte Speicher in Kalifornien

Grid-connected energy storage is gaining massive importance around the world, but especially in California. This background analysis introduces the role of grid-connected storage in California and shows that it is an important building block towards a safe, emission-free energy system. The state wants to achieve this by 2045.

The politically driven expansion of solar energy in the US state is leading to a growing need for flexibility. In the first part of the analysis, the authors explain that this demand can be met in part by flexible generation, imports, load management and electric vehicles. However, energy storage will also be needed to fully meet future demand.

The second part of the study shows that storage in the Californian system can fulfil various functions. It can serve as an alternative to generation investments, solve local grid bottlenecks, reduce emissions, integrate renewables, or support prosumers.

The third part of the study examines the regulatory support framework for storage facilities in California that has been in place for many years. The mandates call for California utilities to procure almost 2 GW of storage capacity.

The fourth and final part provides an overview of the positive market situation and development of storage facilities. California's utilities have procured large storage capacities in accordance with the statutory schedules. Recently, two of the world's largest storage projects have been implemented, all while the home storage market in California is booming.

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