The independent influence of international public administrations – Contours and future directions of an emerging research strand

Busch, Per-Olof 2014: The independent influence of international public administrations. Contours and future directions of an emerging research strand. In: Soonhee Kim, Shena Ashley and W. Henry Lambright (eds.): Public administration in the context of global governance. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 45-62.

This collection explores the frontiers of knowledge at the intersection of public administration and international relations scholarship. The culturally, generationally and academically diverse team of editors stake a meaningful claim in this burgeoning field by bringing together an international group of top and emerging scholars who think and research at this intersection. The acceleration of global governance arrangements presents a new sphere of public administration beyond the nation-state, and a new set of challenges for national and local governments that have gone unexplored. Public administration scholarship has essentially ignored the thousands of international and transboundary organizations that have become critical to the creation and implementation of global policy. This book highlights a broad range of research topics and approaches to help illustrate the expansive contours of relevant inquiry and to advance research in the field. There is no other collection that considers the broad context of globalizing public administration and the many institutional and governance forms entailed.