Indicators for Monitoring Urban Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation

Feldmeyer, Daniel; Wilden, Daniela; Kind, Christian; Kaiser, Theresa; Goldschmidt, Rüdiger; Diller, Christian; Birkmann, Jörn 2019: Indicators for Monitoring Urban Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation. In: Sustainability, 2019: 11(10), 1-17.

Against the background of accelerating climate change, increasing urbanisation and the need to adapt to these changes, the concept of resilience as an interdisciplinary and positive approach has become increasingly important in recent years. The monitoring of resilience and the evaluation of adaptation efforts, however, have so far received only limited attention in science and practice.

Within the framework of the project "MONARES - Monitoring adaptation measures and climate resilience in cities" funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the project partners IREUS, University of Gießen, Dialogik and adelphi have developed a set of indicators in a four-stage, participatory approach, which is presented in this paper.