Instrumente und Maßnahmen der kommunalen Klimaanpassung – Empirische Befunde für einen erfolgreichen Transfer

Huber, Bettina; Milena Miechielsen, Antje Otto, Katja Schmidt, Susann Ullrich et al. 2022: Instrumente und Maßnahmen der kommunalen Klimaanpassung. Empirische Befunde für einen erfolgreichen Transfer. Potsdam: Universität Potsdam.

In order to counter the increasing risks posed by extreme weather events, many German municipalities are already taking steps in the field of climate adaptation, partly guided by examples from literature, experiences from other cities or results from research projects. This learning and transfer process, which involves the transfer of climate adaptation measures or instruments from one place to another, has not yet been sufficiently researched and understood. This report examines various aspects of this learning and transfer process between as well as within cities.

Based on a wide-ranging municipal survey and interviews with relevant stakeholder groups, concrete municipal experiences on the transfer of knowledge and ideas are compiled and the role of knowledge transfer media (guidelines and fact sheets) is examined. Seven selected instruments and measures of climate adaptation offer numerous empirical findings regarding their transfer. Finally, key transfer barriers are addressed from these findings and corresponding recommendations for different political levels are formulated.

The report was produced as part of the research project "ExTrass: urban resilience against extreme weather events" (as part of the BMBF-Leit­initiative „Zukunftsstadt). Further information can be found on the project website of our project partner, University of Potsdam.