Klimaschutz durch Kapitalanlagen – Wirkung von Klima- und Nachhaltigkeitsfonds auf deutsche Aktienunternehmen

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Kahlenborn, Walter; Hauke Dierks, Daniel Wendler und Matthias Keitel 2010: Klimaschutz durch Kapitalanlagen. Wirkung von Klima- und Nachhaltigkeitsfonds auf deutsche Aktienunternehmen. Berlin: adelphi.

Climate-friendly investors exert a noteworthy influence on companies, according to the findings of the study “climate protection through capital investments”. While there are proven financing effects of climate-friendly capital for some technology companies, a general institutional strengthening of climate protection activities within companies can be observed. As a result, acquisition of greenhouse gas emissions data has been improved and stricter emissions reduction targets have been adhered to. Production processes and products are also designed more climate-friendly due to demands of investors. Furthermore, the study names instruments that investors should use in order to increase the positive impact of climate-friendly capital investments. It is shown that the middle-class in particular has so far rarely been reached by climate-friendly investors.