Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021 für Deutschland – Kurzfassung

Kahlenborn, Walter; Luise Porst, Maike Voß, Uta Fritsch, Kathrin Renner, Marc Zebisch, Mareike Wolf, Konstanze Schönthaler und Inke Schauser 2021: Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021 für Deutschland. Kurzfassung. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt (UBA).

This report contains the summary of the "Climate Impact and Risk Assessment 2021 for Germany" (KWRA 2021). The KWRA 2021 aims to provide an essential basis for the further development of adaptation in Germany, in particular for the development of the next Adaptation Action Plans of the German government.

This short version of the KWRA 2021 summarizes all the contents of the six sub-reports in which the concepts and results of the study are presented. First of all, this includes explanations on the conceptual background and the methodological approach to the analysis and assessment of climate impacts and adaptation capacity, as well as basic information in terms of climate projections and socio-economic projections for Germany and the analysis of generic adaptation capacity. Furthermore, the results of the analytical and assessment steps for each of the 13 fields of action considered in the KWRA 2021 are presented in a summarized form. Finally, the main contents of the integrated evaluation, that is the overall assessment of climate risks without and with adaptation, the analysis of spatial patterns, and the overall assessment of action needs for action, as well as the overview of further research needs are presented in a concise manner.

You can find the six sub-reports here:

Sub-report 1: Conceptual background and basic considerations

Sub-report 2: Risks and adaptation in the Land cluster

Sub-report 3: Risks and adaptation in the Water cluster

Sub-report 4: Risks and adaptation in the Infrastructure cluster

Sub-report 5: Risks and adaptation in the Economy and Health clusters

Sub-report 6: Integrated evaluation – Climate risks, needs for action, and research needs