Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021 für Deutschland – Teilbericht 1: Grundlagen

Cover der Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021, Teilbericht 1
Kahlenborn, Walter et al. 2021: Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021 für Deutschland. Teilbericht 1: Grundlagen. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt.

This report is one of the six sub-reports of the "Climate impact and risk analysis 2021 for Germany", which aims to provide an essential basis for the further development of adaptation to climate change in Germany. For this purpose, future climate risks as well as options for adaptation were investigated in a structured manner according to climate impacts and fields of action.

This report presents the conceptual framework and the methodological approach for the analysis of climate impacts and adaptation options as well as for the assessment of climate risks and adaptation capacities. In addition, the climate projections, hydrological projections, and sea-level rise projections for Germany and the methodology used are discussed in more detail, as are the socio-economic projections for Germany up to 2045. This sub-report also addresses generic adaptive capacity and the contributions of cross-sectional fields of action to adaptive capacity, as the results of this have also been used as a basis for subsequent analytical and assessment steps at the level of the climate impacts and fields of action.

All six sub-reports are linked from the Summary.