Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021 für Deutschland – Teilbericht 3: Risiken und Anpassung im Cluster Wasser

Cover der Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021, Teilbericht 3 - Wasser
Fritsch, U.; M. Zebisch, M. Voß, M. Linsenmeier, W. Kahlenborn, L. Porst, L. Hölscher, A. Wolff, U. Hardner, K. Schwartz, M. Wolf, A. Schmuck, K. Schönthaler, E. Nilson, H. Fischer und C. Fleischer 2021: Klimawirkungs- und Risikoanalyse 2021 für Deutschland. Teilbericht 3: Risiken und Anpassung im Cluster Wasser. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt.

This report is one of the six sub-reports of the "Climate Impact and Risk Analysis 2021 for Germany", which aims to provide an essential basis for the further development of adaptation in Germany. For this purpose, future climate risks as well as possibilities for adaptation were investigated in a structured manner according to climate impacts and fields of action. This sub-report deals with the water cluster which is divided into the fields of action "fisheries", "coastal and marine protection" and "water balance, water management".

For each field of action, selected climate impacts are analyzed, whereby the current state of knowledge and the development up to the middle and end of the 21st century are discussed. In addition, the results of the climate risk assessment are presented for each climate impact. Subsequently, adaptation options for certain climate impacts are discussed and potential challenges regarding adaptation are identified. These sections are supplemented by an assessment of adaptation capacity and brief explanations of the need for action. Finally, all results are summarized in tabular overviews for each field of action.

All six sub-reports are linked from the Summary.