Landkreise in Führung! – Gemeinsam Handeln im Klimaschutz

Klimaschutzbroschüre für Landkreise
Andreas, Marcus; Saskia Schütt, Lia Weitz und Jan-Philipp Heinisch 2018: Landkreise in Führung!. Gemeinsam Handeln im Klimaschutz. Berlin: adelphi.

To what extent can rural districts be particularly effective climate protection actors? What moves them in their work on the ground? The brochure of the project Landkreise in Führung! (translation: Districts take the lead!) shares findings from 2.5 years of climate protection work with rural districts. Landkreise in Führung! supports this special group of municipal climate protection actors to use their potential as climate protection actors with a special leverage effect. Because for rural areas, rural districts are an important interface between municipalities (and the state level) and important support and multiplier for the climate protection activities of local communities. So far there has been too little attention for them.

The project examined the various roles and good practices in this context in more detail. In technical and networking events, climate protection training courses and strategy consultations, climate protection officers were supported in their work on site. The brochure provides exciting insights into the scene as well as practical tips and inspiration for municipal activities. In addition, the Communication Guide contains everything you need to know about public relations and communication.