Monitoring der Initiative Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke – Erster Jahresbericht

Monitoring der Initiative Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke - erster Jahresbericht - adelphi Fraunhofer
Barckhausen, Anton; Clemens Rohde, Miha Jensterle, Marlene Arens und Gunnar Will 2018: Monitoring der Initiative Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke. Erster Jahresbericht. Berlin: adelphi.

translated title: Monitoring the Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative – First Annual Report

In addition to the further expansion of renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency will play a central role in achieving the German government's energy and climate policy goals.

With the adoption of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (NAPE) in 2014, the German government has put together a comprehensive package of measures and declared energy efficiency to be the second mainstay of the German Energy Transition. The Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative (IEEN) is one of the most important instruments of the NAPE. The IEEN guidelines, as defined in the NAPE and in a joint agreement between the Federal Government and the central organisations of German industry, have been reviewed in an accompanying monitoring process.

This first annual report provides a detailed presentation of the results of the first monitoring round. During the evaluation, adelphi and Fraunhofer ISI were able to rely on responses from a total of 21 networks. These networks provided complete documentation of the energy efficiency measures implemented as part of the initiative in time for the deadline. The evaluation of a further twelve networks will be included in the second annual report scheduled for December 2018. These networks will run until 31 March 2018 and were unable to provide all the necessary documentation in time. The monitoring of the IEEN will be able to be based on a larger database with each further monitoring round. As a result, the results will become more reliable with each round and evaluations can be carried out with greater detail.