Nachhaltige Mobilität auf dem Schulweg

Cover Nachhaltige Mobilität auf dem Schulweg
Radić-Capuani, Iva und Lisa Schäfer 2020: Nachhaltige Mobilität auf dem Schulweg. Berlin: adelphi.

The handbook “Getting to School Sustainably” was developed within the city partnership for climate protection between Pirna and Písek. It offers ideas for societal changes toward sustainable mobility. In five short chapters, this colourful brochure gives hands-on tips for municipal administrations, schools, teachers, parents, and pupils who want to make the trip to school sustainable and safe; specifically: (1) riding a bike, (2) walking, (3) using public transport, (4) improving infrastructure and municipal planning, and (5) road safety education. All tips are based on tried-and-true, simple and easily replicable projects and practical examples from Germany and the Czech Republic. The handbook is available in Czech, German, Polish, and Greek.