Offshore Wind Supply Chains in the US and Germany – Policy Recommendations and Collaboration Opportunities

adelphi offshore wind supply chains in the US and GER
Eckardt, Jakob; and Bastian Stenzel 2023: Offshore Wind Supply Chains in the US and Germany. Policy Recommendations and Collaboration Opportunities. Berlin: adelphi.

Offshore wind power (OSW) is a critical component for the energy transition and decarbonisation in both Germany and the USA. Both countries have set the very ambitious target of installing 30 GW of OSW capacity by 2030. However, the USA is still in the very early stages of expansion, and in Germany, OSW expansion has stalled in recent years. In addition, gaps and bottlenecks have emerged in supply chains, raising questions about whether the OSW industry will be able to adequately meet the growing demand in the future, what challenges it will face in doing so, and what framework conditions will be necessary.  

As a contribution to the bilateral German-U.S. Offshore Wind Working Group within the framework of the Climate and Energy Partnership, this study examines the OSW supply chains of both countries. Based on existing literature and expert interviews, a number of existing and expected bottlenecks in the supply chains are identified and corresponding recommendations for action as well as bilateral cooperation topics are outlined. The findings of the report show, among other things, that a strong expansion of supply chain capacities as well as clear, reliable regulatory frameworks are necessary to be able to achieve the 2030 targets in Germany and the USA.

This study was prepared as part of the project "Energy Cooperations with the USA and Canada".