Plan de contingence de la commune de Rumonge

Plan de contingence de la commune de Rumonge - adelphi GIZ Gitec
Ruzima, Salvator et Karen Hetz 2017: Plan de contingence de la commune de Rumonge. Bujumbura: GIZ.

In Burundi, natural hazards and disasters have become a national issue. The most dangerous environmental risks are landslides, flooding and droughts. The risk of being directly affected by these dangers is increasing for the people of the country, in the face of climate change, rapid population growth, the over-use of natural resources and other natural and man-made factors. Against this background, adelphi has been working with a national expert (GITEC) to develop disaster preparedness plans for three pilot municipalities in Burundi. Rumonge is one of the three municipalities whose “plan de contingence”, disaster contingency plan, is now an example for the development of further disaster preparedness plans in Burundi.

Rumonge's disaster preparedness plan was developed in close cooperation with the local disaster management committee, municipal councillors and local relief organisations and is aligned with the Burundian National Disaster Preparedness Plan. GIS-based risk maps were created with the help of "hazard hot spots" in Rumonge and form the basis for the assessment of local risks. These risk maps are an integral part of the plan de contingence. In addition, the climate risks appearing in Rumonge were evaluated for their local relevance. Direct climatic conditions such as landslides and floods, as well as other consequences such as cholera epidemics, which are often associated with flooding, were analysed. Furthermore, personnel and material capacities, which are needed in case of disaster and are locally available, have been identified and documented in the plan de contingence. Based on this, necessary measures were derived that are necessary to prepare for and react to disasters, while local responsibilities in case of disaster were laid down in the detailed action plan in the plan de contingence.

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Further information can be found on the website of the Burundian Environmental Ministry.