Realising the Climate Economy in Latin America: A Task for Diplomacy – Policy Brief

Brief: "Realising the Climate Economy in Latin America: a Task for Diplomacy"
Ivleva, Daria and Stephan Wolters 2016: Realising the Climate Economy in Latin America: A Task for Diplomacy. Policy Brief. Berlin: adelphi.

This brief summarises the insights of the regional workshop on Foreign Policy Contributions to Climate Economy in Latin America that was organised by adelphi, Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA) and the German Embassy in Lima as part of the climate diplomacy initiative. It aimed to promote regional dialogue on the climate economy and brought together representatives from foreign ministries and other line ministries, civil society and the private sector from across Latin America, in particular the Andean countries.

Latin American policy makers emphasise the fact that development agendas need to consider climate change in a cross-cutting way. Transitioning towards a climate economy is seen as a process with a pronounced international dimension and a significant role for ministries of foreign affairs (MFAs). The discussion during the workshop demonstrated that the foreign policy tools of dialogue, integration and cooperation need to concentrate on leveraging strategic action.