Synthesis: Climate Security in 3D

Synthese: Klimasicherheit in 3D
Kurnoth, Hannah; Janani Vivekananda 2021: Synthesis: Climate Security in 3D. Berlin: adelphi.

Weathering Risk is a multilateral initiative, bringing leading researchers, a broad range of international partner organisations, as well as donor governments together to progress work on climate change and security beyond borders and sectoral silos. The project is jointly led by adelphi and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).   

In March 2021, adelphi and Wilton Park, a global forum of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), hosted a three-part dialogue series on "Climate Security in 3D: Diplomacy, Development, and Defence" as part of the Weathering Risk Initiative. The aim was to advance joint, cross-border, cross-governmental and cross-disciplinary approaches. The dialogues addressed roles and tasks, possibilities and limits of cooperation between all three sectors with regard to climate-related security risks.

During the three interactive discussions, participants explored opportunities and challenges of cooperation and set out concrete areas for priority action. The focus on entry points lead to manifold recommendations for action across the 3Ds.

To discover all 26 policy recommendations for actors across and within the 3Ds working on climate security, please take a look at the complete synthesis paper for download.