Transatlantic Opportunities for Decarbonizing the Global Steel Sector – Locking Ambition into Standard-Setting Initiatives

Hellmich, Mary; and Sarah Jackson 2022: Transatlantic Opportunities for Decarbonizing the Global Steel Sector. Locking Ambition into Standard-Setting Initiatives. Berlin: adelphi.

Industrial decarbonisation is critical to the achievement of net-zero emissions. In order to reduce emissions from sectors traditionally viewed as "harder-to-abate" such as steel, the embedded carbon of such goods must first be calculated. Many standards for evaluating products’ carbon intensity exist or are being developed around the world at various levels of governance. The United States’ "Buy Clean" procurement plan, the Clean Energy Ministerial Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (CEM IDDI) and the "ResponsibleSteel Standard" are national, supranational, multilateral and private sector initiatives doing just this.

This report by adelphi as part of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge and E3G analyses these initiatives and sheds light on the opportunities for harmonisation across them and where there is room for greater collaboration.