Vision Workshop Toolbox

Cover Vision Workshop Toolbox
Beyschlag, Linda; Kristen Brand, Sigrid Lindner, Anne Dahmen, Camille Serre, Tilman Abresch, Florian Kliche und Muriel Neugebauer 2020: Vision Workshop Toolbox. Berlin: adelphi.

The “Vision Workshop Toolbox” offers municipalities a creative approach to developing or updating their long-term climate strategy or municipal vision. This brochure contains a wide variety of methods that can be used to imaginatively engage key stakeholders or the broader community in developing a shared vision. It introduces each of the six standard elements of the toolbox workshop steps – Prepare, Arrive, Feel, Learn, Create, Share – in detail and explains how and in what combination they should be used to achieve the best results. The guideline is available in Czech, German, Polish, Greek, Portuguese, and Bulgarian.