Water, Crisis and Climate Change Assessment Framework (WACCAF)

Water, Crisis and Climate Change_1200
Rüttinger, Lukas; Antoine Morin, Annabelle Houdret, Dennis Tänzler and Clementine Burnley 2011: Water, Crisis and Climate Change Assessment Framework (WACCAF). Berlin: adelphi.

The Water, Crisis, and Climate Change Assessment Framework (WACCAF) is a tool allowing for a practical assessment of existing or future conflict trends arising from growing competition over water access and availability between user and management groups in the water sector. Competition and insufficient water availability can be caused by natural phenomena such as climate change or by unequal allocation. Taking a look at the root of these conflicts, the tool considers crises in a broader context. It is based on the assumption that conflicts over natural resources and the environment are always embedded in a broader setting, where socio-political, environmental and economic factors create potential crisis situations, but also offer entry points for cooperation.