Energy is the foundation upon which prosperity and development rest. Successful energy policies encourage competitiveness and serve simultaneously as a precondition for the attainment of climate action goals. Moreover, securitisation of energy supplies and socially feasible energy prices present a major social challenge. adelphi is contributing to improvements in the sustainability of production and use of energy. We are active in the core areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy management. We have years of experience working with political decision-makers, businesses, organisations and financial institutions. This enables us to identify synergies and facilitates systematic overviews. Our services encompass consultancy on financial and support instruments, the preparation of integrated concepts and programmes, technical consultancy, as well as guidance on the implementation of management systems.

  • Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century and is influencing the public debate increasingly. Around the globe, societal stakeholders are actively addressing the effects of their actions and operations on climate change. Decision-makers from the political and scientific arenas and from civil society are discussing their strategies and roles on the road to a sustainable, climate-neutral society. In a modern and increasingly complex and differentiated world, it is essential to strengthen the dialogue of a growing number of stakeholders and decision-makers and integrate them in new initiatives. We support our clients in conceptualising and planning campaigns, stakeholder processes and climate action initiatives. In this way, we combine proven technical expertise in the areas of energy, the environment, and climate with our know-how in multi-stakeholder management and our communication competencies in public relations and campaigns.

  • An ambitious energy policy is essential for sustainable economic development and an effective approach towards climate action. Renewable energies and energy efficiency form the central pillars of the transition towards green energy and require a dynamic adaptation of the political framework. adelphi advises public contracting entities on evaluating existing instruments and on conceptualising and implementing effective strategies and measures. Our transdisciplinary team supports and moderates the dialogue between institutions, stakeholders and civil society. We make use of our profound economic, technical and political experience to assist contracting entities with the complex challenges they face. Our team’s expertise extends to the electricity and heating sectors, the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conventional energy sources as well as to the social-political aspects of the energy transition. We have many years of experience at local, national, European and international levels.

  • Transparency in energy usage is the most important requirement for identifying and systematically exploiting the potential for energy efficiency in companies. In order to fully exploit these potenials - the increase in energy efficiency and the decrease of energy costs - an energy management system becomes key in leading a business. adelphi advises companies in various sectors, as well as public institutions, on the implementation and optimisation of their respective systems. One of our core competencies is the transfer and the implementation of proven energy management systems within the context of emerging economies and developing countries, and their adaptation to the specific environment. We design awareness raising acitivities and offer capacity building through trainings for private commercial decision-makers (companies and associations) as well as representatives of ministries and other public authorities.

  • Limited access to energy and dependency on fossil fuels are major barriers to the economic development and the improvement of living conditions in emerging and developing countries. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, who are essential to the economic growth of these countries, often suffer from high energy and electricity prices as these heavily affect their competitiveness. In spite of their great potential, energy efficiency measures and renewable energies are not being sufficiently utilised by these enterprises. adelphi supports stakeholders from politics, the finance and industrial sector in building capacities to design the necessary framework for the energy transition. We support sustainable development in the field of energy, particularly through the design and implementation of adequate consulting instruments and trainings.

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  • Sustainable energy is a major pillar to combat climate change and reduce dependencies on expensive fossil resources. That is why this subject area gains in importance, both in Germany and the international context. The usage of renewable energies and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings, infrastructure and industrial processes can be fostered notably by the provision of attractive financing models. However, deficits in both supply and demand financing of sustainable energies can be identified. High capital costs and long investment periods – alongside relatively low short-term returns in the planning period – often make supply-side investments seem unattractive. On the demand side, financial products are often not tailored to sustainable energies and they are difficult for buyers to access. This is especially the case in developing and emerging economies.

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