Peace and Security

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Peace, security and stability are preconditions to sustainable development. adelphi’s preventative work in the field of early warning systems and disaster risk reduction encompasses development and implementation of vulnerability analyses, effective risk communication and facilitating exchange of experiences between public bodies and experts. Playing an active role in building peace and preventing conflict, adelphi’s conflict and risk analyses support strategy and programme development of both international organisations and foreign policy and international development actors. Regarding the potential security impacts of climate change and conflicts involving the environment or natural resources, we are internationally leading through our wide portfolio of consultancy and research projects. We help governments and international organisations to effectively address the security and fragility risks that can emerge from climate and environmental change.

  • Climate change leads to more severe natural disasters and extreme weather events; they are also becoming more frequent in comparison to previous years. The impact of these changes is felt most acutely in poorer countries, creating real problems in sustainable development. At the same time, unsustainable development exacerbates the extent of damage and losses. A combination of early warning systems and disaster reduction is thus being seen more and more by decision-makers at all levels as a cornerstone of prevention strategy. adelphi develops methods of vulnerability and risk analysis which can ensure best-possible public prevention activities and improve communication measures in Germany and throughout the rest of the world. adelphi also facilitates dialogue on how to improve prevention strategies by promoting exchange of experiences between experts, both in Germany and at the European level. Furthermore, we ensure a thorough and easy to access documentation of good adaption practices.

  • In order to coordinate policies, strategies and programmes in a conflict-sensitive manner, to build peace and prevent conflicts, conflict and risk analyses are key. adelphi develops sector-specific conflict and risk analysis methods and tools. As part of this work we have developed new methods for the analysis of environmental conflicts for the United Nations and the European Commission. Our professional and target group-orientated training programmes coach professionals and NGOs working in global development in how to use these methods. Alongside this, and as part of strategy and programme development, adelphi conducts conflict and risk analyses for international organisations and foreign policy and international development actors, in particular on risks and conflicts involving climate or the environment.

  • Conflicts involving natural resources such as land, water and forests are increasing all over the world as a result of growing demand, population growth and environmental degradation. For well over ten years, adelphi has been researching resource conflicts and offering consultancy services to international organisations, governments and organisations involved in international development and assisting them in developing policies, strategies and programmes. Further to this, we also help in the translation of experiences derived from Peace and Conflict Studies into ideas and approaches that can be implemented in natural resource management. Additionally, we train professionals and NGO workers in the field of resource management to use conflict-sensitive approaches and to develop programmes that handle environmental and peace development as early as the initial stages in an integrated manner.