Alexander Carius
Dipl. Political Science
Partner and Chairman Advisory Board

Alexander Carius is Partner and Chairman of the Advisory Board of adelphi. He founded adelphi as a non-profit think-tank in 2001 and served as its managing director for the past twenty years. His research and advocacy is focussing on the future of democracy and governance in an increasingly disruptive world. For three decades, Alexander has been working on sustainable resources use, climate risks and the future of cities. For him, resources management, energy governance and climate policy are geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges and climate diplomacy a key driver for foreign policy in the 21st century. As a policy strategist and facilitator of policy dialogues Alexander translates scientific insights into practical policy making. He is advising NGOs, government agencies, and international organisations on sustainable pathways for the future.

“Achieving resources efficiency and carbon neutrality, and the redesign of the global energy architecture are predominantly geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges. Thus, global climate diplomacy and energy governance are the change agents of foreign policy in the 21st century.”

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