New Publications

Schreiber, Franziska and Alexander Carius 2016: The Inclusive City: Urban Planning for Diversity and Social Cohesion. In: Worldwatch Institute (Ed.): State of the World: Can a City Be Sustainable?. Washington D.C.: Worldwatch Institute, pp. 123-141.
Wolters, Stephan; Dennis Tänzler, Gerald Stang and Teresa Ribera 2016: Climate Change and European Foreign Policy after COP21. Climate Diplomacy Brief. Berlin/Brussels/Paris: adelphi/EUISS/IDDRI.
Schreiber, Franziska; Kaj Fischer, Paola Adriázola and Alexander Carius 2016: Reflections on the Zero Draft of the New Urban Agenda. Commissioned by the Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme for Habitat III. Berlin: adelphi.
Sanyal, Sanjoy and Frederik Eisinger 2016: Enabling SME access to finance for sustainable consumption and production in Asia. An overview of finance trends and barriers in Myanmar. Berlin/Wuppertal: adelphi/Switch-Asia.
Eisinger, Frederik and Annica Cochu 2016: Enabling SME access to finance for sustainable consumption and production in Asia. An overview of finance trends and barriers in Vietnam. Berlin/Wuppertal: adelphi/Switch-Asia.

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Resource consumption: Analysing the impact of changes in income

Until now, there are no empirical studies on the impact of income fluctuations on resource consumption in German households. adelphi and two partners are closing this research gap.
Impacts of Income Fluctuations on Resource Consumption
Einkommen und Ressourcenverbrauch

Which country do we want to be?

The refugee problem and the terrorist threat both raise the same question: do we want to live in an open or an exclusive society? Join the debate: in open discussion forums in all major cities in Germany.
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Operating the EMAS Helpdesk

The EMAS Helpdesk handles complex enquiries about and the promotion of the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Since 2014 the EMAS Helpdesk has been operated by adelphi in cooperation with two partners on behalf of the European Commission, DG Environment.
Operating the European EMAS Helpdesk 2016
EMAS Helpdesk Teaserbox Startseite

STEAM-UP: Fostering the energy-efficient use of process heat

The STEAM-UP project supports industrial companies on tapping the full energy-saving potential of steam systems in heavy industries. adelphi develops and maintains the accompanying web-based services.
Process Heat: Integrating Energy Audits and Energy Management
SteamUp - engineer inspecting steam turbine in repair bay

Climate change: how vulnerable is Germany?

A comprehensive report assesses Germany's vulnerability towards climate change - prepared by adelphi and partners in the framework of the "Vulnerability Network".
Germany’s Vulnerability to Climate Change
Vulnerabilitätsanalyse Deutschland