New Publications

Tänzler, Dennis; Sebastian Oberthür, Emily Wright 2020: The Geopolitics of Decarbonisation. Reshaping European Foreign Politics. Berlin: adelphi.
Detges, Adrien; Daniel Klingenfeld, Christian König, Benjamin Pohl, Lukas Rüttinger, Jacob Schewe, Barbora Sedova and Janani Vivekananda 2020: 10 Insights on Climate Impacts and Peace. A summary of what we know. Berlin: adelphi/PIK.
Mosello, Beatrice; Lukas Rüttinger and Liesa Sauerhammer 2020: The Climate Change-Conflict Connection. The Current State of Knowledge. Berlin: CSEN.
Abdenur, Adriana Erthal and Lukas Rüttinger 2020: Climate-fragility Risk Brief: Latin America and the Caribbean. Berlin: CSEN.
Rüttinger, Lukas 2020: Climate Change in the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and Fund. Berlin: CSEN.

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Health and climate change: extreme heat initiatives

Exceptionally hot summers may become more frequent due to climate change. Extreme and prolonged heat events will have a significant impact on human health. What is the current state of heat prevention measures in Germany?
Health and climate change: The effectiveness of extreme heat initiatives

Join our team as a short-term expert

For our international projects, we welcome cooperation with experienced professionals from around the world. We are thus looking for registrations from professionals with at least 5 years of work experience.
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International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

ICAP is a multilateral forum for over 30 governments to exchange knowledge and experiences on emissions trading systems. Since 2008, adelphi has been lending substantial support to ICAP.
Scientific and technical support for the ICAP Secretariat
ICAP Logo Teaserbox Startseite.

The Open Society – an Interview with Alexander Carius

Issues like the climate crisis and the fear of social change are having major effects on our society. There is a growing sentiment of distrust for political institutions. Alexander Carius talks with the German magazine polis.
Die Offene Gesellschaft – Alexander Carius im Interview mit dem Magazin polis
 Initiative Offene Gesellschaft