New Publications

Kahlenborn, Walter; Annica Cochu, Ivo Georgiev, Frederik Eisinger, Dominic Hogg 2017: Defining "green" in the context of green finance. Final Report. Brüssel: Publications Office of the European Union.
Vivekananda, Janani; Shiloh Fetzek, Malin Mobjörk, Amiera Sawas and Susanne Wolfmaier 2017: Action on Climate and Security Risks. Review of Progress 2017. Den Haag: Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’/adelphi/SIPRI/Center for Climate and Security.
Pohl, Benjamin; Annika Kramer, William Hull, Sabine Blumstein, Iskandar Abdullaev, Jusipbek Kazbekov, Tais Reznikova, Ekaterina Strikeleva, Eduard Interwies and Stefan Görlitz 2017: Rethinking Water in Central Asia. Bern: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
Tänzler, Dennis; Annica Cochu, Rainer Agster, Belynda Petrie, Cristobal Reveco, and Bedoshruti Sadhukhan 2017: Challenges and opportunities for urban climate finance. Bonn/Eschborn: GIZ.
Weiss, Daniel; Valentin Tappeser, Julia Frohneberg, Edgar Göll und Christine Henseling 2017: Modernisierungsansätze zum Leitbild der nachhaltigen Entwicklung (Politikempfehlungen). Nachhaltigkeit 2.0. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt.

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How vulnerable is Germany to climate change?

Heat waves in summer, more intensive heavy rainfall events, heavy droughts - the impacts of climate change pose major challenges for Germany. The Vulnerability Assessment 2021 will be carried under the leadership of adelphi.
Vulnerability Assessment 2021: How vulnerable is Germany to climate change?
Hochwasser Elbe Straße

Nationale Top-Runner-Initiative

Washing machines, ovens or televisions: the range of high-quality, energy-saving appliances is growing. The NTRI involves both retailers and manufacturers so that consumers purchase "top runner" appliances even more often in the future.
Nationale Top-Runner-Initiative für energieeffiziente Produkte (NTRI)
Woman Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

Digital change must be designed sustainably

Self-driving cars, robots performing surgeries, algorithms issuing verdicts - digital change permeates and transforms our society. How we understand and shape this change will have a significant impact on whether we will be able to deal with the great environmental and development challenges of our time.
Digitaler Wandel muss nachhaltig gestaltet werden
City Sunset

Which country do we want to be?

The refugee problem and the terrorist threat both raise the same question: do we want to live in an open or an exclusive society? Join the debate: in open discussion forums in all major cities in Germany.
Initiative Offene Gesellschaft

Strengthening Energiewende worldwide - with dialogue

adelphi is supporting the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with the organisation of energy dialogues with Japan and the USA, as well as bilateral energy relations with Australia, Canada, Korea and New Zealand.
Energiewende international: Deutschlands Energiedialoge nehmen Fahrt auf
Group of wind turbines of Bac Lieu wind power plant at Mekong Delta, clean energy for Vietnam industry

C40 Cities Finance Facility: Making cities more sustainable

Population growth and climate change - pressures grow on cities from different angles. A climate resilient urbanisation needs effective financing. Suitable new opportunities are at the center of adelphi's support to the C40 CFF.
Städte nachhaltiger gestalten: Unterstützung der C40 Cities Finance Facility