New Publications

Beckenbach, Frank and Walter Kahlenborn (ed.) 2016: New Perspectives for Environmental Policies Through Behavioral Economics. Heidelberg et al.: Springer.
Dransfeld, Björn; Aki Kachi, Dennis Tänzler, Stephan Hoch, Lena Ruthner and Axel Michaelowa 2015: Practicability of Transitioning from CDM to Future Climate Policy Instruments. Synthesis Report. Berlin/Mülheim an der Ruhr: adelphi/Perspectives.
Schreiber, Franziska and Kristian Wilkening 2015: Conference Documentation - Sino-German Dialogue Forum on Sustainable Urban Development. Frankfurt am Main: KfW Development Bank
De Haan, Peter; Anja Peters, Elsa Semmling, Hans Marth and Walter Kahlenborn 2015: The relevance of rebound effects for environmental policy. Dessau-Roßlau: Umweltbundesamt.
Ivleva, Daria; Katharina Nett, Regina Treutwein and Stephan Wolters 2015: Domestic Carbon Initiatives in Europe: Experiences and Opportunities. Workshop Documentation. Berlin: German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) at the German Environment Agency.

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Which country do we want to be?

The refugee problem and the terrorist threat both raise the same question: do we want to live in an open or an exclusive society? Join the debate: in open discussion forums in all major cities in Germany.
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Hosting the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

ICAP is a multilateral forum for over 30 governments to exchange knowledge and experiences on emissions trading systems. Since 2008, adelphi has been lending substantial support to ICAP.
Scientific and technical support for the ICAP Secretariat
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LowExTra: Policy analysis for innovative heating grids

Intelligent low-exergy trays enable the decentralised generation as well as the flexible distribution and storage of heat. adelphi analyses the current political and legal frameworks and develops recommendations for action.
LowExTra: Policy analysis of low-exergy grids for storing and distributing heat

What role for cities in international climate diplomacy?

Cities and city networks have become key actors in international climate action. A new report explores their role and offers specific recommendations to its strengthening.
Urbanization and Climate Diplomacy
Urbanization and Climate Diplomacy - adelphi paper

Reducing the negative impacts of mining

The extraction of metallic resources has substantial ecologic and socio-political effects. Based on existing environmental and social standards, adelphi develops specific recommendations on how to reduce them.
Reducing negative social and environmental impacts of mining

Prizewinners' eleven: Top tips for Excellency in conservation

What makes activities related to Natura 2000 successful? The Natura 2000 Benchmarking Report reveals recurrent traits of good practice in nature conservation.
European Natura 2000 Award - Benchmarking Report
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