New Publications

Rüttinger, Lukas 2017: Climate-Fragility Risks - The Global Perspective. Berlin: adelphi.
Santikarn, Marissa et al. 2017: Emissions Trading Worldwide. International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) Status Report 2017. Berlin: ICAP.
Kramer, Annika; Lukas Rüttinger and Paola Adriázola 2017: Fostering Cooperation on Transboundary Waters: Success stories from SDC’s transboundary waters program. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
Simon, Nils 2017: Stakeholder views on SAICM beyond 2020. Results from an interview series. Chemicals beyond 2020 Series, 01/2017. Berlin: adelphi.
Blumstein, Sabine; Benjamin Pohl and Dennis Tänzler 2016: Linking Water and Climate Diplomacy. Berlin: adelphi.

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Can "Greening" improve biodiversity in agro landscapes?

Intensive agriculture and the conversion of semi-natural areas to cropland have led to a loss of Green-Blue Infrastructure in Europe. adelphi investigates how conditions for biodiversity can be best supported in agricultural landscapes.
BIOGEA - Testing BIOdiversity Gain of European Agriculture with CAP greening
Tractor plowing a field at dusk

A new norm for vulnerability analyses worldwide

When it comes to determining their vulnerability to climate change, many countries, regions and cities are only starting out. adelphi thus supports the development of a standardized approach ranking as a new international norm.
Entwicklung eines ISO-Standards für Vulnerabilitätsanalysen

Hosting the German Working Group on Emissions Trading (AGE)

Since 2003, adelphi has been providing the secretariat for the Emissions Trading Working Group (AGE), as well as administrative and financial management, consulting and member services.
Hosting the German Working Group on Emissions Trading (AGE)
Arbeitsgruppe Emissionshandel (AGE)

Blog: We need a global treaty on plastics. Now.

There are two strong economic arguments for taking on the plastics challenge: Not only are environmental and health damages of untreated plastic pollution extremely costly, there is also huge savings potential, writes Nils Simon.
Warum wir ein globales Abkommen zu Plastikmüll brauchen. Jetzt.
Plastic rubbish pollution in ocean environment

Energiewende goes international

adelphi is supporting the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with the organisation of energy dialogues with Japan and the USA, as well as bilateral energy relations with Australia, Canada, Korea and New Zealand.
Energiewende international: Deutschlands Energiedialoge nehmen Fahrt auf
Group of wind turbines of Bac Lieu wind power plant at Mekong Delta, clean energy for Vietnam industry

Which country do we want to be?

The refugee problem and the terrorist threat both raise the same question: do we want to live in an open or an exclusive society? Join the debate: in open discussion forums in all major cities in Germany.
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C40 Cities Finance Facility: Making cities more sustainable

Population growth and climate change - pressures grow on cities from different angles. A climate resilient urbanisation needs effective financing. Suitable new opportunities are at the center of adelphi's support to the C40 CFF.
Städte nachhaltiger gestalten: Unterstützung der C40 Cities Finance Facility