New Publications

Huber, Bettina; Milena Miechielsen, Antje Otto, Katja Schmidt, Susann Ullrich et al. 2022: Instrumente und Maßnahmen der kommunalen Klimaanpassung. Potsdam: Universität Potsdam.
UNDP; and adelphi 2022: Towards Low GHG Emission and Climate Resilience Future through Utilizing Economic Value of Carbon. Final Report. Indonesia: UNDP.
COMETS, NEWCOMERS, SocialRES and SONNET 2022: Joint Policy Brief – Putting People at the Heart of Energy Transitions. Social Innovation in Energy: four projects shine a light on the path forward. Brüssel/Antwerpen:
Keusen, Lisa; Simon Schiehle und Leonie Kattermann 2022: Grundkonzept zur Einrichtung eines lokalen Klimafonds. Berlin: adelphi research gGmbH.
The SWITCH-Asia Programme 2022: Advancing Sustainable Consumption and Production Policy in the Tourism Sector for Responsible Plastics Management in the Maldives. Bangkok: Switch-Asia.

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20 years of adelphi: Think out loud!

adelphi celebrates its 20th anniversary with though-provoking contributions on global environmental change. We are going to think out loud, set priorities and trigger debates. Discover our op-eds!

Weathering Risk: Increasing Climate Security

Bring the climate security community together: Weathering Risk is a multilateral multidisciplinary initiative to promote climate security, led by adelphi and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).
Weathering Risk: A Climate and Security Risk and Foresight Assessment

Prevention of Marine Litter in the Lakshadweep Sea (PROMISE)

Within the PROMISE project, adelphi and its partners are developing waste-reducing measures for the tourism sector in Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives to help reduce their marine litter.
Prevention of Marine Litter in the Lakshadweep Sea (PROMISE)
Spilled garbage on the beach of the big city. Empty used dirty plastic bottles. Dirty sea sandy shore the Black Sea. Environmental pollution. Ecological problem. Moving waves in the background

International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

ICAP is a multilateral forum for over 30 governments to exchange knowledge and experiences on emissions trading systems. Since 2008, adelphi has been lending substantial support to ICAP.
Scientific and technical support for the ICAP Secretariat
ICAP Logo Teaserbox Startseite.

The Open Society – an Interview with Alexander Carius

Issues like the climate crisis and the fear of social change are having major effects on our society. There is a growing sentiment of distrust for political institutions. Alexander Carius talks with the German magazine polis.
Die Offene Gesellschaft – Alexander Carius im Interview mit dem Magazin polis
 Initiative Offene Gesellschaft