New Publications

Mobjörk, Malin; Dan Smith and Lukas Rüttinger 2016: Towards A Global Resilience Agenda. Action on Climate Fragility Risks. The Hague/Berlin/Stockholm: Clingendael Institute/adelphi/SIPRI.
Li, Lina; Julia Melnikova and Dennis Tänzler 2016: The Climate-Energy Nexus and the G20: Compatible or mutually exclusive?. Berlin: adelphi.
Zürker, Mirko; Christine Meyer, Lina Frank and Jan Dumkow 2016: Collaboration for Impact. Building the Ecosystem for Replication Support Services. SEED White Paper Series (1). . Berlin: SEED.
Dennis Tänzler, Katharina Nett, Aki Kachi and Julia Melnikova 2016: A look back to take the next steps forward. Five years of International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV (IPMM). Berlin: adelphi.
Cames, Martin; Sean Healy, Dennis Tänzler, Lina Li, Julia Melnikova, Carsten Warnecke and Marie Kurdziel 2016: International market mechanisms after Paris. Discussion Paper. Berlin: German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt).

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Energiewende goes international

adelphi is supporting the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with the organisation of energy dialogues with Japan and the USA, as well as bilateral energy relations with Australia, Canada, Korea and New Zealand.
Energiewende international: Deutschlands Energiedialoge nehmen Fahrt auf
Group of wind turbines of Bac Lieu wind power plant at Mekong Delta, clean energy for Vietnam industry

Replicating Eco-Inclusive Business Models

How can replicating eco-inclusive solutions tackle both climate change mitigation and improving well-being? This study shows why they need to be incorporated in global and national plans.
Replicating Eco-Inclusive Business Models

Ideas for the EU's future energy and climate policies

On behalf of the German Federal Environment Ministry, adelphi analyses current EU energy and climate policies and develops analytical and strategic tools for their further development.
Advancing EU energy and climate policies
EU Flags

Operating the EMAS Helpdesk

The EMAS Helpdesk handles complex enquiries about and the promotion of the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Since 2014 the EMAS Helpdesk has been operated by adelphi in cooperation with two partners on behalf of the European Commission, DG Environment.
Operating the European EMAS Helpdesk 2016
EMAS Helpdesk Teaserbox Startseite

Tackling global challenges with ambitious urban governance

An increasing number of cities are home to a growing urban population, while the demand for natural resources is on the rise. In order to enable them to tackle global challenges like climate change, adelphi is supporting policymakers in establishing global urban strategies.
View on town houses in San Francisco, United States

Which country do we want to be?

The refugee problem and the terrorist threat both raise the same question: do we want to live in an open or an exclusive society? Join the debate: in open discussion forums in all major cities in Germany.
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