New Publications

Becker, Anna; Hannah Göppert, Olaf Schnur und Franziska Schreiber 2018: Die digitale Renaissance der Nachbarschaft. Soziale Medien als Instrument postmoderner Nachbarschaftsbildung. In: Forum Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung, 206-210.
Bellali, Johara; Lisa Strauch, Francis Oremo and Benson Ochieng 2018: Multi-level climate governance in Kenya. Activating mechanisms for climate action. Berlin: adelphi.
Serre, Camille und Lisa Schneider 2018: Municipalities: working together for a low-emission economy. Experiences and prospects for a new form of European cooperation. Berlin: adelphi.
Hetz, Karen; Lea Dunst und Ariane Walz 2018: Climate resilient urban development: increasing heat stress in large and medium-sized German cities. Berlin: adelphi.
Hetz, Karen; Lea Dunst und Ariane Walz 2018: Klimaresiliente Stadtentwicklung: Starkregenereignisse in deutschen Groß- und Mittelstädten. Berlin: adelphi.

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GROWnet: Innovative Solutions for Global Water Issues

How can water pollution, over-exploitation of water and associated conflicts be avoided? adelphi is support the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in finding innovative answers to this question.
GROWnet: Innovative Solutions for Global Water Issues
Tribal farming rice in rice terraces on mountain of twilight

C40 Cities Finance Facility: Making cities more sustainable

Population growth and climate change - pressures grow on cities from different angles. A climate resilient urbanisation needs effective financing. Suitable new opportunities are at the center of adelphi's support to the C40 CFF.
Städte nachhaltiger gestalten: Unterstützung der C40 Cities Finance Facility

Supporting the Green Economy and Sustainable Businesses

adelphi is hosting SEED, a global partnership for supporting sustainable development and the green economy in developing countries and emerging economies.
SEED – Supporting the Green Economy and Sustainable Businesses in Developing and Emerging Countries

G7 Lake Chad Risk Assessment

The Lake Chad Basin is suffering the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. The G7 Lake Chad Risk Assessment Project is a concerted effort to address critical knowledge gaps on climate and fragility risks.
Risiko Assessment der Tschadsee-Region
Lake Chad – Tackling Climate-Fragility Risks

Join us as a short-term expert

For our international projects, we welcome cooperation with experienced professionals. We are looking for registrations from professionals with at least 5 years of work experience in adelphi's topics.
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