New Publications

Schneller, Andreas and Carmen Hennig 2018: The Slovak Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (SlovSEFF). Berlin: adelphi.
Andreas, Marcus; Rea Uy Epistola, Maria Adelaida Cea, Lisa Strauch and Tucker Landesman 2018: Multi-level climate governance in the Philippines. Shaping connections for climate action. Berlin/Manila: adelphi/ UN-Habitat.
Groß, Julia; Tobias Hausotter, Julia Rohe-Frydrych and Dennis Tänzler 2018: NDC Implementation Futures. Berlin: adelphi.
Simon, Nils; Doris Knoblauch, Linda Mederake, Katriona McGlade, Maro Luisa Schulte and Supriya Masali 2018: No more Plastics in the Ocean. Berlin: adelphi.
Adriázola, Paola; Eleni Dellas and Dennis Tänzler 2018: Multi-Level Climate Governance Supporting Local Action. Bonn: GIZ.

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G7 Lake Chad Risk Assessment

The Lake Chad Basin is currently suffering one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises. adelphi leads a comprehensive assessment as a concerted effort to address critical knowledge gaps on climate and fragility risks in the region.
Risiko Assessment der Tschadsee-Region
Lake Chad – Tackling Climate-Fragility Risks

International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

ICAP is a multilateral forum for over 30 governments to exchange knowledge and experiences on emissions trading systems. Since 2008, adelphi has been lending substantial support to ICAP.
Scientific and technical support for the ICAP Secretariat
ICAP Logo Teaserbox Startseite.

Sense the City – Discovering the future with all your senses

Many people find it difficult to think about a future that not only represents the continuation of the present, but begins where tomorrow ends. The project "Sense the City" wants to explore the ideas and wishes of people for the city of the future through the senses and make them visible.
Sense the City – Discovering the future with all your senses
Collage Urbane Zukunftsvisionen - adelphi

Germany's energy dialogue with Japan and Korea

The Energiewende has become important for the external perception of the German economy and society. Thus, energy dialogues are strengthening this image. adelphi is supporting the energy dialogue with Asian countries.
Unterstützung des Energiedialogs Deutschlands mit Japan und Korea
Kirschblüten vor Stromleitungen in Japan

C40 Cities Finance Facility: Making cities more sustainable

Population growth and climate change - pressures grow on cities from different angles. A climate resilient urbanisation needs effective financing. Suitable new opportunities are at the center of adelphi's support to the C40 CFF.
Städte nachhaltiger gestalten: Unterstützung der C40 Cities Finance Facility