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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has so far been reluctant to tackle climate change. But as the impacts of climate change on peace and security become more and more apparent, questions of whether the UNSC should and will address the security implications of climate change more directly in the future become increasingly pertinent. While recognising the limits of UNSC action, this non-paper serves as a backgrounder to examine how climate change and security risks trigger the UNSC’s mandate for action, and what action the Council could and should be expected to take in response.
Jetzke, Tobias; Stephan Richter, Benno Keppner, Lena Domröse, Stephanie Wunder und Arianna Ferrari 2020: Die Zukunft im Blick: Fleisch der Zukunft. Trendbericht zur Abschätzung der Umweltwirkungen von pflanzlichen Fleischersatzprodukten, essbaren Insekten und In-vitro-Fleisch. Berlin: Umweltbundesamt.
Verde, Stefano F.; Christopher Kardish, William Acworth and Simone Borghesi 2020: Achieving zero emissions under a cap-and-trade system. Berlin: ICAP/FSR.
König, Christian and Janani Vivekananda 2020: How can UN organs respond to climate-security risks?. Berlin: adelphi.
Acworth, William; Christopher Kardish and Kai Kellner 2020: Carbon leakage and deep decarbonization: future-proofing carbon leakage protection. Berlin: International Carbon Action Partnership.

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Health and climate change: extreme heat initiatives

Exceptionally hot summers may become more frequent due to climate change. Extreme and prolonged heat events will have a significant impact on human health. What is the current state of heat prevention measures in Germany?
Health and climate change: The effectiveness of extreme heat initiatives

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International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

ICAP is a multilateral forum for over 30 governments to exchange knowledge and experiences on emissions trading systems. Since 2008, adelphi has been lending substantial support to ICAP.
Scientific and technical support for the ICAP Secretariat
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The Open Society – an Interview with Alexander Carius

Issues like the climate crisis and the fear of social change are having major effects on our society. There is a growing sentiment of distrust for political institutions. Alexander Carius talks with the German magazine polis.
Die Offene Gesellschaft – Alexander Carius im Interview mit dem Magazin polis
 Initiative Offene Gesellschaft